Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
On this page you will find the terms and conditions used for all self catering accommodation represented by ‘turicasa.com’, unless otherwise stated in the description of each property.

Liability of the Agent
The tour operator ‘turicasa.com’ acts as the booking agent between the tenant and the owner of the property and cannot be held responsible for the actions of either party or consequences thereof.
We guarantee and vouch for:
correctness of the rental agreement
control and careful choice of accommodation
correctness of description of the accommodation
availability of facilities as listed on the travel voucher/invoice

You can book an accommodation for any given period. However, in most cases a minimum stay is required; see the description of the property.
Provisional bookings will be accepted by telephone, post, email or in person. Any booking is only confirmed subject to:
1) the receipt and clearance of the payment requested at the time of booking,
2) a completed and signed booking form,
3) a confirmation receipt having been issued by turicasa.com

Turicasa.com asks a deposit of 30% of the rent within 5 days after booking (unless otherwise described in the booking registration form). The balance must be paid at least 5 weeks prior to the commencement of your stay. If a booking is made 5 weeks or less prior to the commencement, the rent must be paid in full within 1 week. As such, payment must be received in full prior to the commencement of your stay.
Paying the deposit or total amount means agreement to these terms and conditions.
Failure to pay monies due by the due date may result in the services booked being cancelled and the loss of any payments already made.

Cancellations (wholly or partly) must be confirmed in writing. Up to 5 weeks prior to the commencement of your stay cancellation will cost 30% of the total rent, after that 100%. It is strongly advised to take out cancellation insurance.
If turicasa.com is forced to cancel your reservation, the liability is limited to a refund of the rent or deposit. A deposit is not refundable if turicasa.com cancels your booking due to lack of payment, or payment in time, of the balance.

Arrival and departure
You will receive a detailed description of the route to the property after the full payment of the booking.
On the day of your arrival the property is available from 3pm onwards, unless otherwise stated on your accommodation voucher or invoice. You are kindly requested to inform turicasa.com beforehand at what time you expect to arrive, in order to arrange entrance to the property.
The tenancy terminates at 10 or 11am on the day of departure.

Your obligation and Liability
It is the client's responsibility to ensure that they have all necessary travel documents. The lead client nominated on the initial booking confirmation is responsible for any loss or damage caused to the accommodation, its fixtures and fittings by any member of its party. The client agrees to indemnify turicasa.com against any claims, including legal costs. Turicasa.com reserves the right to decline a booking, or terminate an accommodation booking without prior notice, where the client's conduct or behaviour, or that of any member of it's party for which the client has accepted responsibility for by signing the booking form, is disruptive, or for which their behaviour affects the enjoyment of other holiday makers or local residents. Any cost incurred by the client or a member of the client's party due to early termination of the accommodation on such grounds must be met by the client. Turicasa.com cannot accept liability for the cost of early termination.
Turicasa.com cannot accept liability for circumstances arising beyond its control, amounting to "force majeure", including water floods, forest fires, war or threat of war, industrial action, terrorist activities, riot, civil war, weather, failure of electric, gas or water supply, noise, etc. For this, we suggest Guests should have their own travel insurance with the appropriate coverage.

Only those persons stipulated on the Booking Form may reside at the property and this must not exceed the number as stated in the property description. Please note, that this includes children. Should the owner/key holder find more persons than stated, it is up to his or our discretion to ask you ‘the tenants’ to vacate the property. Furthermore we claim the right to cancel the rental contract immediately without notice or compensation.

All prices are quoted in Euro.
Once your booking has been confirmed and payment has been cleared the price is guaranteed subject only to any changed imposed as a result of government action.
Prices include the normal use of:
 • gas, water, electricity and wood;
 • bed linen, kitchen linen and towels (but no pool towels);
 • cleaning at the end of your stay, unless otherwise stated;
 • the washing machine and/or other appliances (if available).

Security deposit
For some properties a security deposit is required (see the Details). This deposit is payable by cash on arrival, which will be returned on your departure, unless the property has been left in an unsatisfactory condition. In this case the owner will deduct from the deposit any costs, such as extra cleaning or breakages. The nature of the damage will be assessed in your presence no later than the day of departure. To allow time for the value of any damages to be determined, the remainder of the deposit is paid back during the two weeks following the date of departure.  For some properties, alternative security deposit payment procedures might apply, and will be specifically mentioned.

The house is cleaned before your arrival. It is appreciated if you keep and leave it as clean and tidy as possible.  For rentals of more than one week, a maid service might be included in which case it will be mentioned in the property description. 

Complaints should be reported immediately to the owners, or alternatively to turicasa.com or its local representative. In consultation with the owners turicasa.com will endeavour its best efforts to find a solution.

During your stay you are responsible for the property and its contents and everything around it. Damages must be reported immediately to the owners or to turicasa.com or its local representative and paid for directly to the owner. The property can be checked before you leave.
Turicasa.com is not liable or responsible for any injury, loss, damage or discomfort sustained by you or others.
This site is put together as carefully as possible and in good faith. Turicasa.com is not responsible for consequences due to alterations made without their knowledge or unknown circumstances.
If we become aware of any activity that is beyond turicasa.com control that we feel may effect the enjoyment of your accommodation we will contact the lead client and inform them. The contract and all matters arising from it shall be governed by Portuguese Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Portugal.

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